Dolphin Has a ‘Battle of Water’ With a Grandfather Wih Surprising Results [VIDEO]

On Facebook , thousands were touched by the sight of a grandfather and a dolphin throwing jets of water at the sight of several people. The peculiar moment has already gone viral in social networks.

The ending of this tender video will undoubtedly surprise you. On Facebook thousands of users were moved to see the ‘tender’ water fight between a grandfather and a dolphin while they were inside a pool. The confrontation left enchanted the tourists who were around him.

The old man we see in the viral video visited as part of his cruise trip a center for the preservation of married life, in Florida, United States, where he met the small dolphin that turned out to be very playful and kind to tourists. The Facebook record was shared by the ‘Storyful’ page and quickly caught the attention of the users.

The dolphin enjoyed his last days in the reserve because he would be released and to entertain himself decided to play with the grandfather , who was introduced to the pool with his daughter. In the Facebook images you see the man of the third age hugging the marine animal, but he manages to get away and then do the funniest thing.

The tender aquatic mammal threw water in the face of the grandfather , a fact that generated laughter in the tourists who witnessed the scene, but what they did not imagine was that the man would react in the same way.

That’s how the funny “fight” started that has captivated Facebook users, who shared the video about 103 thousand times until it became viral . The record, for now, has been reproduced 5.3 million times the famous social network.

To iron out rough edges, the protagonists ended up being emotionally friendly. The dolphin and the grandfather gave each other a tender kiss leaving the tourists sighing.

At the top of this publication you can review some photographs of the ‘battle’ that this dolphin had with the old man; the moment was registered and has already gone viral on Facebook where the animal received hundreds of compliments.

However, if you are one of the people who prefer the videos, we leave you the film material in the lower part of this publication. You will not be able to believe what these two protagonists did in front of the public. The tender scene.