Dog Was About to Die in a Dam, But a Great Man Rescues Him [VIDEO]

Applause. In Facebook the tense moment that a dog had and that has caused great astonishment in the users of this platform became viral, since it was on the verge of drowned in a dam, nevertheless, a valiant man managed to rescue it.

A naughty dog tried to investigate what was in a dam; However, when he realized the great danger that was running was completely paralyzed. If he took a wrong step, it could cost him his life falling into the void.

In the video you see the man trying to get to the canine, of labrador race , very careful not to fall and that the dog does not panic more than he already was. When he is close, he takes it from the strap around his neck.

The dog is opposed by the terrible fear that it has, it even gives many difficulties to its rescuer who little by little returns to a place where the dam is pulling the dog tightly.

Very close to arriving at a safe place where a subject was waiting for him, the dog slips and almost falls into the void dragged by the waters, but his rescuer made sure he is safe. It was then that he placed a harness so that it could be climbed to the top of the dam where some workers who pulled the rope to rescue the dog awaited him.

Thousands of Facebook users were impressed with the wonderful action that all the workers of the dam made to save the can. One of the users congratulated the men for saving the “poor animal” and was happy to “know that there are good and human people”