Dog Rescued From An Icy River … At the Vet They Discover That It Is a Wolf

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Rescuers took him in his car to a veterinarian and they did not realize that he was not a dog until he was confirmed by a hunter.

The scare that several Estonian workers have taken has been one of the big ones. Last Wednesday, they saw how a dog had problems leaving a frozen lake because of the low temperatures that shake the country. Neither short, nor lazy ones went for it, breaking the ice as they could and reaching the animal to get it safe and sound from the water.

They quickly put him in his car to take him to the vet and it was then that they realized that the animal they had rescued looked more like a wolf than a dog . In spite of everything, he did not move during the trip: “I was calm, I slept on my legs, and when I wanted to stretch them, he raised his head for just a moment,” explains Rando Kartsepp, one of the rescuers, to the BBC .

The animal arrived at the clinic with low blood pressure , which would explain its docility in the car. The veterinarians were not very clear if it was a wolf or a dog and it was finally a hunter who confirmed that it was a wolf cub about a year old.

Dog Rescued From An Icy River ... At the Vet They Discover That It Is a Wolf

Not a sign of hostility

With these data, the veterinarian decided to put him in a cage after attending him, in case he lost his docility. The wolf did not offer any problems and, when he recovered, he could be released again. Yes, the authorities have now equipped with a collar with GPS system to follow their tracks.

From the association that is responsible for protecting animals in Estonia, the EUPA, explain that they are ” very happy with how the story ended and we want to thank all the people who participated in the rescue, especially the men who took out the work. the wolf and the doctors at the clinic who were not afraid to deal with the wild animal. “

Dog Rescued From An Icy River ... At the Vet They Discover That It Is a Wolf

Estonia is a country traditionally linked to wolves. Thousands of them live in various parts of the country and, in 2018, was declared the national animal of Estonia by a group of conservationist associations.


Source: El Confidencial