Dog performs heroic action to save its baby who cried to be trapped in a boat [VIDEO]

Four-legged hero. On YouTube, the precise moment when a dog saves its little girl who was crying in terror because she was trapped in a boat became a trend.

A dog was applauded by thousands of YouTube users after the heroic feat he did after seeing his little girl crying on a boat that was stranded just a few metres from the coast. The clip quickly became viral on social networks, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Dogs continue to show humans their intelligence and ability to perform surprising actions. On YouTube, several videos are uploaded every day that reveal the skills that some of them may have.

One of these clips has quickly become viral, where you can see how a dog from the city of Quingyuan, in China, moved very nervously to the banks of a river, while watching its young on a boat that sailed nearby.

In the YouTube viral video you hear the little dog crying because he is afraid of falling into the water, while his worried father tries to find a way to bring him back to earth.

The creature’s father couldn’t take it anymore and threw himself into the water to rescue his little calf. He bit the rope that was tied to the boat and pulled it to bring it closer and his son could jump.