Dog Ends Up Falling Into Lake, Due To His Extreme Curiosity [VIDEO]

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It will make you smile. When a curious dog went crashing into a lake, due to its extreme curiosity because he wanted to know what a group of kids were doing.

Most dogs become a trend in the networks for mischief that they commit or because they have fights with other animals. Where a dog was the victim of some young people, who were playing the classic ‘Tupac Amaru’.

A group of boys decided to go for a walk with their pets to a distant place. When they were there, they started having fun as young people their age do, when one of them grabbed one by surprise and together they made him the ‘ Túpac Amaru ‘.

This game is that a person is held by the hands and feet to be balanced from one place to another. On this occasion, the youngsters wanted to throw him in the river so he could ‘bathe’, however, they did not realize that a helpless dog was trying to pass by his side.

In the end you can see how they manage to hit the dog with the man’s body. The dog, for wanting to pass, ended up in the water. The funny thing about this is that, seconds before, they also hit another pet, however, that one did not fall into the river.


Source: La Republica