Dog and Dolphin Swim Together As If They Were Lifelong Friends

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The curious scene was recorded in a stream in southern Australia and quickly became a viral phenomenon after being shared on social networks like YouTube.

“Friends are the family that you choose.” This phrase perfectly portrays the curious relationship between a dog and a dolphin in South Australia, who starred in an adorable viral video. 

In the video a black Labrador is observed taking a dip next to the aquatic mammal in waters of the stream Patawalonga, located in the Australian city of Gleneg.

A passerby noticed the unusual scene that was recorded in the water when she heard someone call her pet.

“I looked at the water and saw a black Labrador swimming in the middle of the stream. At a second glance I realized that there was also a dolphin and the dog was splashing beside him as if they were playing happily, “says the text.

“Twenty minutes passed before a crowd formed to see how the dog and the dolphin played in the water. After half an hour, the Black Labrador looked very exhausted but happy.

The dog swam back to its owner and the dolphin leaped over the water as if saying goodbye to his new friend.

“It was a very happy and exciting moment that we experienced. The dog arrived safe and sound to the shore to meet with its owner while the people who gathered to contemplate the moment began to cheer him up.


Source: El Comercio