Dog Abandoned On Dock Makes the World Cry [PHOTOS]

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It will touch your heart Google Maps cameras captured an abandoned dog on a pier and images of this discovery have made thousands of citizens cry.

Extremely sad. Google Maps cameras generate news again, this time for having captured a tender dog that, apparently, was abandoned on a dock, which made thousands of citizens cry, especially those who are animal lovers.

The animal was tied to a boat and abandoned by its owners, who left it alone in that place so that someone can take care of it.

Dog Abandoned On Dock Makes the World Cry

A young user shared a series of photographs that she managed to obtain with Google Maps and she has unleashed all kinds of comments on that social network due to the tragic story she revealed to us.

It turns out that the woman was looking for a place to stay since she would travel to Venice, a city located in northeastern Italy, when she encountered a harrowing scene.

Dog Abandoned On Dock Makes the World Cry

The woman said she used Google Street View to find places to visit during her stay and ran into a tragic scene that revealed the precise moment when a puppy was abandoned to its fate in a boat on a lake.

As it was revealed to us in these images that have surprised thousands, the dog was left to his luck in a boat and was tied to it so that he did not escape from the place. We can see that the dog was still waiting for its owner even though it had been left without water or food.

Dog Abandoned On Dock Makes the World Cry

The images have surprised more than one by the cruelty that they had with the mascot to which they left her there in the middle of a lake waiting for someone to take pity and adopt him. 


Source: La Republica