Does This Man Imitate Jesus Miracle About The Fishes Multiplication? [VIDEO]

Facebook’s publication went viral when exposing a peculiar young person who lived a ” religious experience “.

In these days that in the whole world takes place different festivities in honor of Holy Week there was a Facebook video that managed to become viral thanks to their images exhibit the “miraculous act” of a young man who “multiplies the fish” .

Holy Week is one of the most important religious events celebrated in the year as it commemorates the Christian faith of the Passion of Christ . This event includes from the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the Stations of the Cross, his death and resurrection.

Likewise, while many of the parishioners flocked to the church closest to their community, others chose to atone for their sins surrounded by friends on beaches or camps that would later publish on Facebook .

Thus, the video that is trending topic on Facebook exposes a witty subject who is only wearing shorts and ready to go into the river. The peculiar thing about the images, so to speak, is that as they move through the water, dozens of fish appear that jump uninterruptedly.

Huge surprise caused Facebook users to distinguish how unusual the fish came out of the river and gave the feeling that they “multiplied”, a fact that in the biblical stories only Jesus of Nazareth could do.

So far the exact place where the strange event occurred is unknown, and it is also unknown if the frenetic behavior of the fish is habitual or acted this way for some fact that until now went unnoticed.

“But how about Jesus in this Holy Week “, “Does anyone know how the Lord could perform such a miracle?”, “I am surprised with the attitude of the fish and the man who jumps”, were some of the comments on Facebook .