Divers Reach The Ocean Floor And Find A Strange Creature That Has A Strange Appearance [VIDEO]

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YouTube users were surprised while viewing a viral video that was recorded more than 790 meters deep in the Pacific, where an unusual creature with tentacles was discovered.

Many cannot believe it. It was shown on YouTube, a video that has unleashed great impact on thousands of social network users in Mexico, Canada and the United States, due to the discovery made by a group of researchers in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where they discovered a mysterious creature that adopted terrifying appearances on his body.

Some of the details RT shared in its publication mention the strange sea creature that was captured ‘evolving’, scenes that have been viralized on YouTube and other social networks.

According to the investigation of the experts in marine creatures , the animal that appears on YouTube is a translucent jellyfish that was observed by an underwater vehicle, in the area known as a national monument of the remote islands of the Pacific, in the United States.

The team of researchers from the USA. UU. Consider that these creatures feed through their expansive bell that opens and closes like a bag trapping their prey. As you can see in the viral YouTube video, the specimen at the time of devouring its food adopts strange sizes and shapes.

This little crustacean has caused great sensation on social networks and some of YouTube users have described the translucent jellyfish as a ‘ scary sea creature ‘.

Look here at the strange YouTube specimen:



Source:La Republica

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