Divers Enter The Sea And Encounter A Tiger Shark That Stalked Their Prey [VIDEO]

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A viral video on YouTube shows the precise moment when a group of divers were cornered by eight hungry predators.

You have to see it. On YouTube, a viral video has surprised thousands of users on social networks , due to the filming that shows a group of divers with eight tiger sharks that were behind their prey. The fearsome sharks see humans and have an unusual reaction that has caused astonishment in millions of people who love marine animals .

Through a viral video on YouTube, thousands of users who love marine animals have been impressed with the filming of a lifeguard group on Bondi Beach in Australia. The images have been taken from an airplane and underwater, where eight huge tiger sharks appeared in the middle of a ball of fish, a fact that terrified thousands of users from countries such as Mexico , the United States and Spain.

What happened? As detailed in the publication in ‘Newsflare’ on YouTube, a group of submarines entered the ocean to investigate the different animals that lived inside; However, the first thing they caught was the presence of tiger sharks .

It should be mentioned that the publication that has originally been shared on YouTube has also been disseminated on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, where the reactions of Internet users have increased by thousands more.

In the first minutes of the viral video recorded by a GoPro camera you can see the Australian landscape next to the immense sea. After a few seconds, the images inside the ocean records the different sharks that swam next to the divers and a school of fish that were the prey of the predators.

Immediately, the people on board the plane sent the alert that the lifeguards were next to dangerous marine animals . “We activate the shark alarm and launch jet skis. They were sand tiger sharks, ”read the description of the viral video on YouTube.

However, recognizing the true identity of the sharks they noticed that they were tigers sharks, the species of predators that do not attack humans. The protagonists of this impressive viral video were delighted to live this experience at sea.


Source: La Republica