Diver Saves Himself from Being Crushed by a Huge Whale While Swimming [VIDEO]

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On YouTube , a diver has left thousands of people speechless because of how lucky he was to save himself from being crushed by the huge cetacean.

Narrowly. Through YouTube a powerful video was shared that shows the precise moment when a diver is saved from being crushed by a huge whale while swimming in the ocean. The images quickly became viral and were uploaded to other social networks.

A diver and his companions decided to go into the ocean to perform the practice that they like the most. While they were on the boat that was transporting them, they spotted some whales in the middle of the sea, so they followed them and entered to see them better.

One of the divers took a camera and began filming his partner’s interaction with the cetacean . After a few minutes, the giant animal that had moved away quickly returned to them and when he was a few meters from one of the subjects, made a high jump over the water.

The mammal fell very close to the diver with whom he interacted.The event shocked both men, who could not believe how close one of them was, to death.

Although these animals are of a social nature and do not attack humans, the fact terrified many YouTube users. Some argued that they would never approach one of those huge species.