Diver Releases Fish Trapped in Plastic Bag at the Bottom of the Sea

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A diver instructor shared the video of a small fish trapped inside a plastic bag in the depths of the sea.

Nat Senmuang, a diving instructor, was recording the seabed off the coast of Thai Phuket [Thailand], when she noticed that a small blue fish was trapped inside a plastic bag that did not allow it to breathe.

Immediately, she tried to free the fish, it finally finds it’s way out of the bag and swims away quickly. She shared the clip of the moment with a concrete message that indicated the large amount of garbage that is housed in the sea, causing environmental pollution.

Also,  Nat Senmuang commented that marine pollution increased due to the presence of visitors and foreigners to local beaches.

“Waste has become a growing threat to life underwater,” the diver said in an interview for the online platform HLN.

The fish rescue comes with the messages of reproach to the increase in environmental pollution.


Source: Aweita La Republica