Diver Plays With the ‘Prey’ of Giant Shark and an Unexpected Violent Reaction from Shark Shocks the Cameraman [VIDEO]

A recent Facebook video showed us the exact moment when a young diver dared to play with the ‘prey’ of a shark, without imagining the terrible scene he would witness.

Thousands of Facebook users have been horrified to see a recent video that shows us the precise moment in which a shark ruthlessly tore a ‘prey’ that was being snatched by a young diver. The boy went into a compound of these voracious predators and decided to ‘play’ a little with them, never came to think what would happen. The images soon became viralized in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

As you know, the great white shark is one of the most feared animals in the world, but that fame was not enough for a brave man to dive into the deep sea and capture impressive images. The viral video put the hair of more than one user on Facebook.

The viral images on Facebook recorded the scene in which a diver installed a camera in the shark zone, boarded his boat and threw a huge prey large enough for the huge predator to emerge from the sea and try to snatch it away in one fell swoop.

For this reason, the diver did not only feed the sharks, as the Facebook viral video showed that the man also played with the shark making it chase a hook. The recording captured the intense chase and the creepy bite the predator took to devour its prey.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the page “Creatures of the deep”, which accumulated more than 14,000 reproductions, 500 shared and 350 comments. “It entered like a wrecking ball”, “impressive”, “I love this incredible force of nature”, “incredible and brilliant”, wrote the users in the social networks.

Watch the Facebook viral video: