Diver Pets Huge Tiger Shark on the Nose Like Its a Dog

On May 19 off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, a diver apparently used a hypnosis technique to pet a pregnant tiger shark on the nose like a domestic dog. Todd Thomas filmed the shark feeder from Emerald Charters have an amazing interaction with the 14-foot-long predator.

This unbelievable encounter looks so odd that you want to believe that it’s fake. Apparently this known shark feeder uses a certain hypnosis technique to make the shark calm and non harmful for a certain period of time. In this time period, the shark feeder is able to pet and touch the shark freely as if it were a domestic pet.

After the first time he pets the shark, we can see that it snaps out and starts swimming normally again, until the man does the same technique for a second time and it falls calmly under his hands once again. This bizarre trick makes this video clip very mysterious but interesting nonetheless.

To see the man pet this huge 14-foot-long tiger shark like its normal, click the video down below!

Source: Liveleak