Diver Moves the World After Revealing the Friendship He Has With Strange Shark [VIDEO]

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A touching story which shows the great friendship a diver and a shark have formed for more than 7 years. Both maintain a faithful friendship and every time the man goes to the sea, the shark approaches him.

Rick Anderson, is a diving instructor in Australia and always makes excursions in search of marine animals; however, he once found a shark, which became his friend. They have even taken pictures together. 

It all started when Anderson roamed the ocean, near his frequent dive sites and discovered the small predator. He put his hand out slowly and began to caress it, while his diving partner recorded the moment.

“I started playing with her seven years ago when she was just a 15-centimeter calf. I approached carefully so as not to scare her. Once she got used to me, I would hold her in my hands and speak softly to her through my regulator, ” Rick Anderson said.

From that moment, the dinosaur shark and the diver formed a great friendship that lasted approximately 7 years. Each time the subject went to the sea, the marine animal recognizes it and approaches to receive affection. 

Currently, Rick Anderson teaches diving to young people in Australia, who are delighted with marine life. Likewise, on his Facebook page and social networks, he shares videos showing the trips they take to the ocean and the animals they discover.


Source: La Republica

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