Diver Makes Surprising Discovery and Turns Around After Coming Across Something Big…

On July 2018 in Elba Island, Italy, a man and his friend were scuba diving and stumbled across a huge abandoned ship. A surprising discovery indeed. The man had this to say, “I was diving with my Cayago Seabob F5 at Scoglio Ogliera. This is a beautiful place near Elba Island.”

It seemed as if this ship was sunken and abandoned a long time ago due to how destroyed it looked. It is very interesting when you’re casually diving around and see a huge mysterious ship that has been sunken there for decades. This clip looks exactly like how you use the sea bob to dive in the game Subnautica.

With his camera positioned perfectly like that, it literally looks like the diving simulator has come to life. A cool and interesting clip showing the abandoned boat and this guys awesome Cayago Seabob F5.

Source: ViralHog