Diver is terrified to discover a mysterious sea creature that looks like a rock [VIDEO]

Through a video recorded in the depths of the sea became a trend. In the images are seen how a diver is terrified to find a mysterious creature that few could notice. The clip went viral in various social networks

The images, shared on YouTube by ‘ ViralHog ‘, were recorded by a man who dived at the bottom of the ocean and came across this strange rock that had a very particular detail that left him with his mouth wide open.

Apparently, the diver had noticed that the rock hid a mysterious creature that had camouflaged on its surface and that remained motionless, waiting for someone. preferably a small fish, will approach to attack it.

As you can see in the video , which has more than 126 thousand views on YouTube , the mysterious creature that was camouflaged in the rock was a huge octopus that began to move slowly, after the diver illuminated it.

When feeling the light of the lantern, the terrifying octopus began to detach its tentacles from the rock and began to move slowly, resulting in a shocking scene that left thousands of people amazed on YouTube .