Diver is Brutally Attacked by a Ferocious Shark and This is What Happens [VIDEO]

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Did he survive? 

A video was made that has left people scared, because it shows the moment in which a huge shark pursues and attacks a diver deep in the Red Sea.

The Austrian diver Alexander Kraenk , 51 years old was immersed in the Red Sea to do some research, however, after being under water 50 minutes a shark finds and attacks him.

Krenk saw the dangerous predator, got scared and tried to reach a rope to be safe, however, the shark chased him and got to him, biting his right thigh, just below a safety object that hung from his diving vest .

“At that moment, when I tried to grab the rope, I felt a very strong blow on the right side of my leg. I did not know what was happening. I looked down and saw the shark swimming away from me and I knew what had happened, “said the subject to a local media.

The diver felt great panic as he watched his blood drain from his leg. “I started to panic because I saw a green thing that was slipping out of my suit. When I checked, I realized it was my blood in the water. It was a big bite of a monster! “He said.

After what happened, the diver climbed to the surface where he was treated by his son and his best friend, who disinfected and sewed his leg. “I was very lucky that he bit my leg, where there are not so many nerves,” said the Austrian.

The attack suffered by Kraenk, who wanted to tell his story said… he would not stop diving despite how dangerous it can be.


Source: La Republica