Diver Freaks Out After Watching Huge Fish Camouflage Itself In The Sand At The Bottom Of Ocean (VIDEO)

On Facebook they shared the images of a strange creature that a diver found, before it came out of hiding in the depths of the Australian sea.

Will Soo, a 33-year-old man who lives in Melbourne, Australia, decided to go on a dive with his partner to see nocturnal animals at the bottom of the sea, which he says, become more active without sunlight.

At the end of their excursion, he returned to the coast with his companion Anika, when one of their fins was filled with sand and when they turned around they saw a scary creature camouflaged on the ocean floor.

As seen in the photos posted on Facebook, the terrifying creature was a miracielo (also called ratfish or pejesapo). A rare fish, which lives in shallow water.

These animals are difficult to find, because they can be under our feet when we enter the sea and is these fish hide under the sand to hunt for invertebrates.

The great characteristics of these aquatic creatures are that they have their eyes located above their heads, which makes them look terrifying.


Source: La Republica