Diver Exploring The Bottom Of The Sea Finds Something Alarming [VIDEO]

A diver from the United States shared on YouTube a video that went viral due to the mysterious discovery she made in the depths of the sea.

Viewers appreciate the incredible discovery made a diver from the United States into the sea. The diver shared the video that shows dozens of golf balls.

“What an incredible find”, “The girl in the video risked her life. A dangerous predator could have appeared on her dive”,” The wonders that the sea gives us and thanks to this young woman we can know a little more about the ocean”, were some of the comments that viewers wrote on YouTube.

As you can see, the diver entered the bottom of the ocean and ran into dozens of golf balls of different colours. She, thanks to her water camera, was able to record this trip she made in the sea of the United States.

On YouTube and other platforms have spread like video, where divers have shared their journey under the sea. In the record of ‘onebreathbeth’ I could see the moment when the athlete grabs the balls and throws them around, showing the lengths of trash and items in the depths of the salty waters.


Source: La Republica