Diver Encounters Fearful Shark and Surprises Him with ‘Tender Kiss’ [VIDEO]

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A diver, who was in front of a fearsome shark when he was on an expedition in South Africa, got a sweet surprise when the marine animal gave him a ‘tender kiss’.

Marine scientist, Kevin Schmidt made an expedition on the coast of Cape Town, located in South Africa, without imagining that he would cross closely with a shark. This scene was recorded by his diving partner.

The diver was on expedition in the ocean more than six meters deep, in order to solve doubts about his scientific studies. After several minutes, they noticed that a huge marine animal was approaching them.

After feeling the presence of the shark, the divers decided to take their cameras and record the moment. Kevin Schmidt stood still when he was in front of the shark .

The shark approached the marine scientist, who was surprised by the ‘tender kiss’ the big fish gave him, he did not attack it and only performed the action that surprised the divers.

“A little blue kiss. Sharks are very curious, the need to touch and feel with their mouth, especially because of their electro-receptors that are in small wells around the mouth, “wrote Kevin Schmidt in the description of the video.

In addition, he clarified that there was “no aggression on the part of the shark, ” and that one should only “be calm to be lucky enough to receive a kiss.” 


Source: La Republica