Diver Discovers a Strange School of Fish With a Dance-Like Swimming Technique

On March 13, 2019 in Pulau Weh, Indonesia, a diver comes across a small school of razor fish. What is surprising about this species of fish is their odd ability to move freely while staying completely straight. They just smoothly drift through the ocean staying close together and swaying in between one another sort of like a traditional dance or routine.

The diver who recorded the footage said he was “Snorkeling around, I was surprised to see this school of razor fish swimming around branches, so I continued to watch them going on their way, passing along rocks on a strange swim or dance.”

Even an experienced diver like him ended up witnessing something new that he hasn’t had the chance to study or film with his own eyes. This goes to show the presence of millions of species and surprises that comes with our planet’s vast oceans.

Thanks to divers like this who invest in the right gear, we are given the chance to see these different species and learn from what others have witnessed on their adventures!

Source: ViralHog