Diver Cornered by Ferocious Sharks, One Gets Very Close to Him and this Happens [VIDEO]

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A video is shared, where you can see a diver being stalked by several sharks at the bottom of the sea, until one gets very close to him and a surprising fact occurs.

The sharks are wild animals whose behaviour is unpredictable when they are very close to people, some can attack while others can be very docile and be touched. However, one of these animals had a peculiar reaction.

Some divers decided to descend to the depths of the sea when sharks cornered them and began to circle around them, because they had brought food to give them.

One of the daring divers stood on what appears to be a sunken ship and began to stroke the snout of one of the hugeĀ  predators, while with his other hand he grabbed his fin and tipped the animal.

In the incredible moment, the man is observed directing the huge predator to make a kind of handstand in the water. After being this way for several seconds, the shark goes away and the man celebrates his feat.



Source: La Republica