Diver Comes “Face To Face” With An Orca Who Loses His Lunch [VIDEO]

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A diver recorded in a viral YouTube video the terrifying moment when he got in the way of a huge killer whale’s meal, without imagining his abrupt reaction.

A viral YouTube video recorded the precise moment when a man got in the way of a hungry killer whale that went straight to its prey. The end of the clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The killer whale had to give up a piece of food that was swimming directly to his mouth to avoid a loud collision with a diver who was filming a viral YouTube video on the seabed.

The viral YouTube recording showed the terrifying moment that a daring man lived in the depths of the Pacific Ocean to record the impressive maritime nature. However, the diver never imagined that he would meet ‘face to face’ with a huge killer whale that went straight to his person for a resounding reason.

“It has been a good time for humans and for herring, not so much for the killer whale. A kind act from the killer whale, which would have come forward! ”Says the comment of Creatures of the deep , the YouTube account that posted the video.

The viral video on YouTube racked up more than 23 thousand reproductions, 500 shared and dozens of astonished comments from users. “How lucky that man to go unnoticed by huge murderous creature”, “that man has just escaped death”, “incredible interaction of both species”, can be read on social networks.

We remind you that you can appreciate the captures of the YouTube viral video thanks to our gallery, and to achieve this, you just have to slide the main image to the left.

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Source: La Republica