Diver Caresses Huge Sharks, And Their Reaction Surprises Everyone [VIDEO]

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Diver entered an area full of fearsome sharks to interact with them and their reaction left thousands of users on YouTube with their mouths open.

A diver has caused a furor in the networks during the last hours, after sharing a video on YouTube, which shows the unusual reaction of a group of huge sharks to have contact with him. The untimely reaction of the sharks has surprised hundreds of users who made the images viral .

The protagonist of the stunning video , which already has more than 26,000 views on YouTube, is diver Jim Abernethy, who has long dared to enter the habitat of the fearsome sharks to interact with them, and, in fact, He has achieved impressively.

This was confirmed by the recent video that has caused a furor among YouTube users, by showing the protagonist of the recording caressing and playing with huge white sharks as if it were their pets. However, what attracts the attention of Internet users is the meek reaction of the animals to have a very close contact with man.

According to the author of this incredible feat, he has been swimming with sharks since childhood and now he can pet them as if they were dogs, calling them “gentle giants.”

According to the description of the clip, which was shared by the YouTube page “Cater Clips”, Jim, 61, travels in shark areas for ecological tourism for more than 40 years, where tourists have the opportunity to swim with the Massive predators and meet them.

For his part, the protagonist of the viral YouTube video, said he calls sharks by name, which they pay attention to and go in search of a friendly game or caress on his part.

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Source: La Republica