Disturbing Scene Of Small Girl Bathing And Tormenting A Huge Reptile She Treats As Her Pet (VIDEO)

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Scary. This is how thousands of YouTube users rated a shocking video that shows a minor bathing and playing with a scary reptile, which she has as a pet.

In the images, which were shared by the Viral Press page through its YouTube channel, the child, approximately 8 years old, is observed bathing in a tub. This simple activity of the little girl would have gone unnoticed if it were not for the disturbing companion she had and with whom she had fun while cooling off.

And, as seen in the images, the unique companion of the girl was a fearsome monitor lizard, with whom he played and entertained in the water while taking a bath in the tub was large.

As commented by the author of the YouTube viral video , which already has hundreds of views, the curious moment occurred in the garden of the house of the child, who lives in Samut Prakan, Thailand, where it is not strange that minors have as pets to fearsome animals of different species, including reptiles such as snakes, lizards and even crocodiles, this is demonstrated by several videos that have been disseminated in the network during the last years.

The diffusion of the shocking recording caused various reactions among YouTube users , who expressed their rejection against this type of behavior and / or traditions, noting that these types of animals should be in their natural habitat and not be used as pets, while others pointed out that, despite appearing somewhat illogical, these animals are harmless to people.

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Source: La Republica