Disabled Spanish Athletes Fight to Compete In World Cup Championship

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A Spanish surfer with disability starts campaign to collect funds that will take him to the World Cup. Seven years ago the athlete suffered an accident at sea which caused a spinal cord injury from which he has been recovering.

The life of athletes, especially those who suffer from a disability, is not easy, much less if they want to become elites and be present in the great competitions that take place all over the planet.

Such is the case of Spaniard Ángel Luis Curiel, a 39-year-old surfer who suffers from motor disability and whose dream is to compete in the World Championship adapted from this discipline, an event that will take place in December of this year in California, United States.

To achieve this feat, the athlete has started a fundraising campaign to cover all the expenses of his and his coach’s trip, as well as the pre-championship competitions in the North American country.

A life of struggle

But Ángel Luis Curiel is not always disabled. It was precisely seven years ago that an accident at sea caused a spinal cord injury . From that moment he spent nine months in the Hospital of Paraplegics in Toledo and from there he began to walk.

“I wanted to get rid of the fear as soon as possible, so when I left the hospital, I went back to the sea and surfed for the first time, ” the Malaga-born journalist tells Diario Alerta, which points out that the event took place on the beach in Salinas, Asturias. “An experience I will never forget”.

Due to this unfortunate accident, which has served to strengthen his will to continue forward in his passion, he assured that what once almost takes his life, now is given “with more force”.

Surf, therapeutic sport

In his opinion, surfing is the best sport for his rehabilitation, because it has helped him with muscular and mobility problems. That is why, among many of his activities, he transmits this feeling to other people who have the same problem.

Disabled Spanish Athlete Fight to Compete In World Cup Championship

“I try to transmit it to more people by organizing surf courses and competitions adapted , at the moment, between Cantabria and Malaga,” said the athlete, who has highlighted the collaboration of the Federation and the Cantabrian Surf School.

That is why his goal is set to compete in the World Cup and he hopes that many more people and institutions can help him achieve the goal. In addition, he intends to make a documentary to show the therapeutic and motivational benefits of this sport.


Source: el ciudadano