Did a Snake Attacked Model in Full Photo Session? Know the Truth

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Great commotion has generated where you see a model being stalked by a fearsome snake . The registry went viral ; however, the truth impacts.

You will not be able to believe the truth behind the recent image that shows a snake stalking a model during a photo session in a river. Citizens were shocked to see the images, since the end of the scene implied that a mishap happened.

The young woman was doing a photo session in a bikini , when suddenly there approached a fearsome predator, it turned out to be a snake.

Onlookers believed the worst; however, the truth behind the image left them more than shocked. A few hours after, the story changed completely.

Did a Snake Attacked Model in Full Photo Session Know the Truth

The supposed model turned out to be the young ‘Lilly Vickers’, a specialist in reptiles, especially snakes. The reptile that is seen is a pet and friend of the girl.

The girl walks in the water, while the fearsome animal approaches her. But, instead of attacking her, he decided to caress the young woman’s leg.  

The animal was released for a few minutes in a river to enjoy the water and its natural habitat. The snake is called ‘Ajax’ and is famous on Instagram for its photos and occurrences.


Source: La Republica