Deer Uses Ingenious Trick to Avoid Being Devoured by Hungry Lioness While Drinking in a Lake [VIDEO].

Through a viral video on Facebook, thousands of users saw the moment when a ferocious lioness was trying to attack a deer, but it manages to save itself ingeniously.

Facebook’s viral video has caused thousands of Internet users to be completely impacted, because it shows the moment in which a lioness decides to attack an innocent deer that drinks water from a lake. The unusual recording has become trend in social networks has managed to reach countries such as Mexico, United States and Spain.

Wildlife is usually quite hard, as the strongest animals always end up imposing themselves and turning the most defenseless into their prey. However, sometimes potential prey avoids being prey by using their ingenuity and intelligence, just as this deer did.

In the viral video of Facebook you can see this animal drinking water quietly without realizing that a ferocious lioness is stalking him for several seconds. Just a few moments later, the feline decided to undertake her hunt and jumped for her prey at full speed.

The deer, noticing that his life was in danger, devised an ingenious survival trick, which consisted of deceiving the lioness so that she could not reach him. Being only a few meters from the voracious hunter, the deer pretended to run to one side, however, braked dry and headed for the opposite side.

This ingenious trick caused the huge feline to run to one side, while the other animal ran for safety. The unusual video that was published on Facebook soon became viral and generated all kinds of reactions among thousands of Internet users.

Some of the most outstanding comments of the post were: “It is incredible the animal world, as some eat each other without mercy”, “That’s how an ingenious deer avoid fulfilling the food chain”, “Poor deer, he just wanted to drink a little water, thank goodness he was saved”, among others.

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Posted by SKRT on Sunday, July 21, 2019