Deepest Dive Done By A Human Discovers Disturbing Findings [VIDEO]

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A viral video featuring explorer  Victor Vescovo went around the world after showing the disturbing findings he found at the bottom of the sea.

Amazing video unveiled the expedition that made the famous explorer Victor Vescovo in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, but what caused more impact was the disturbing findings he could find on the sea floor.

The American private equity investor is known to be the co-founder and administrative partner of the private equity company called Insight Equity Holdings and now, after spreading the unpublished images, it will be better known around the world.

Victor Vescovo marked the record of the deepest dive done by a human. For this feat spread on YouTube as in other virtual platforms used a submersible.

“It is almost indescribable how excited we are to achieve what we have just done,” the businessman said, adding “This submarine and its mother ship, together with its extraordinarily talented expedition team, brought marine technology to an incredibly high level by exploring, quickly and repeatedly, the deepest and most hostile area of ​​the ocean. ”

What caught the attention viewers were the findings made by the travelers team. At more than 6,000 meters deep they found a creature known as “spoon worm”, also at 8,000 meters to a pink snail.

Other discoveries generated controversy when the video exhibits remains of plastics that had previously been detected by artifacts sent long ago. The crossing took place in the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

Among the findings, explorer Victor Vescovo believes he has discovered four new species of amphipod crustaceans, much like shrimp. In the video it could be seen that it is impossible for environmental pollution not to impact the Pacific Ocean. For this reason, scientists now plan to analyze the creatures they collected to see if they contain microplastics.

Here’s the YouTube viral video:


Source: La Republica