Death By Whiskey As Thousands Of Fish Drowned In Bourbon Explosion In A Kentucky River

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The contents of 45,000 barrels of bourbon from the company Jim Beam destroyed by an explosion goes to a US river, causing an ecological catastrophe.

The fire registered in a whiskey factory in the USA. It has caused an authentic ecological disaster. The contents of up to 45,000 barrels of destroyed bourbon ended up in the waters of the Kentucky River, killing thousands of fish, a spokesman for the state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Resources was quoted as saying by Courier Journal.

The fire was declared on July 3 in a warehouse of the company Jim Beam located in the city of Versailles (Kentucky). The presence of alcohol reduced the level of oxygen in the water, causing the death of the fish.

The raft of corpses and whiskey, 28 kilometers long, flows into the Ohio River. For the moment, to saturate with water the oxygen in the affected fluvial courses, aeration devices are used.


Source: ActualidadRT