‘Dangerously Close!’ A Huge Shark Spotted A Few Feet From The Shore Of Florida Beach (VIDEO)

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Sunbathers and vacationers who spent a pleasant day at the beach in Navarre Beach, east of Pensacola, witnessed an event that surprised them greatly.

In several photographs that were posted on the Facebook page of the rescuers of Navarre Beach, a large hammerhead shark appears swimming a few feet from the shore.

In one of the photos, a blonde woman in a bikini, with her back to the camera, looks to her left the great fin of the shark. “We saw a 13-foot hammerhead shark swimming on the beach today!” Reads the publication, which was shared more than 2,400 times in 24 hours.

The visitors of the page responded quickly, some with nervousness. “Dangerously close!” Wrote one reader. Another wrote: “My God, that’s why I only walk along the shore”. And another: “Do not enter the water”.

Ironically, as another visitor pointed out, some scenes from the movie “Jaws II” were filmed in Navarre Beach. Others said that it was the humans who were in the territory of the sharks, and not vice versa. “It’s your world. They approach the beach in search of fish, not humans. You have to be vigilant and alert. “Are we surprised to find sharks in the water? After all, it was there that the Lord put them to live. “We are no more than guests in your house,” wrote another reader.

Sammy Furlong, a beach lover, captured a video of the shark. Furlong said he thought the hammerhead shark should be between 12 and 15 in size. “He had lunch on the beach,” Furlong wrote, along with a more than six-minute video that he posted. “The fish that was eaten was very large,” he wrote. “I’m not sure what kind of fish it was, but it was silver.”


Although there was much fuss about the shark, according to the website of the National Geographic magazine, the hammerhead shark, although it is an “accomplished predator”, does not represent a great threat to humans. “Most of the hammerhead shark species are quite small and are considered harmless to humans,” says the portal. “However, the enormous size of the hammerhead sharks and their ferocity make them potentially dangerous, although there have been few attacks.”


Source: El Nuevo Herald