Dangerous Natural Phenomenon Appears in the Sea Terrorising Tourists [VIDEO]

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YouTube’s viral video reveals the shocking spectacle witnessed by tourists in Thailand . A strange natural phenomenon formed in the sea that left them frightened.

They feared for their lives. Through YouTube , a tourist shared a video that has generated an impact on social networks , as the images show a strange natural phenomenon that appeared in the middle of the sea on an island in Thailand. The bathers believed the worst when they saw the show, they even fled from their boats. The registry soon became viral .

The tourist who uploaded a viral video to YouTube described what really happened the afternoon he visited the beach on the island of Koh Lipe in southern Thailand. According to the witness, four giant tubes of water appeared in the sea , which ascended to the sky quickly.

What is this natural phenomenon about ? As the viral record of YouTube , in the middle of the ocean were formed a kind of water whirlpools, which made the boats that were nearby lose stability. As a result of this, the tourists were filled with fear and decided to leave the beach .

Thick, low clouds formed in the sea, followed by long, violent waterspouts . In general, this climatic show is rarely formed, and when it is presented, it is done in multiple ways, as seen in the YouTube video .

This natural phenomenon is very occasional on the coasts of Florida, in the United States; however, in the Asian part as in Thailand , not so much. The tourists who witnessed the strange event were terrified because they did not know what preventive measures to take.

According to what the witness describes in his viral video, “the bathers watched in amazement the spectacle of the sea, while others left terrified of the water”. So far, the record of the waterspouts recorded on the island of Thailand has managed to exceed 12 thousand views on YouTube .

Here we share the amazing YouTube video:

  1. I live on Lipe. Been here almost a decade. Waterspouts happen more often than you’d think, come no where near the island, and no one was in danger. This is pure clickbait.

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