Cyclone Fani Throws Dozens Of Sea Turtles Ashore On Kalingapatnam Beach

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Footage shows dozens of sea turtles washed ashore in eastern India as huge waves hit the coast during Cyclone Fani. Video captured May 3rd shows sea turtles strolling along the seashore in Kalingapatnam beach in Andhra Pradesh state.
Some of these sea turtles have tons of sand on their shells and others seem to be stuck in the deep muddy sand. We can see in the video that all of them are trying to make their way back to shore. Hopefully they were all capable of making it back to sea.
Sea turtles live their entire lives in the water, the only time they come up to land is to lay eggs in the sand. Therefore it doesn’t seem like this many sea turtles are meant to be stranded on the beach. But with the strength of Cyclone Fani, they got totally washed up. Best of luck to all these little critters trying to get back home!

Source: LiveLeak