Cyclists Save A Drowning Deer Facing A Horrible Death [VIDEO]

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Through YouTube the impressive rescue that a group of cyclists made to save a deer from drowning went viral.

In Spain there was an animal rescue case that touched thousands on social networks. Through a video viral on YouTube became known as a group of brave cyclists save a deer that nearly drowned in a pond.

The incident happened in Granada and, according to the description of the video, the floods would have caused the defenseless animal to fall into the well.

The athletes, members of the 1925 Huéscar club and the Huéscar Athletics club, were transported through a rugged area, when they spotted the exhausted deer trying to save their life in the middle of the dam’s flow, notes the Spanish newspaper Ideal.

The first thing they tried was to help the deer climb up using some old doors they found in the area, but they sank when he tried to step on them, as seen in the video posted on YouTube.

Afterwards, the brave cyclists used elastic bags to wrap the mammal’s horns and raise it. Due to the number of men, it was possible to pull the the sturdy animal, who immediately stepped on the surface, fled the place apparently scared.

Some of the rescuers were bruised when they fell to the ground by pulling the deer. Everything was recorded by a companion of the cyclists who was on the opposite side of the water hole.

The action was recognized on social networks, where the video broadcast on YouTube quickly went viral. “Congratulations to the champions for lending a hand to a poor helpless animal and probably doomed to a horrible death,” is one of the comments.


Source: La Republica