Cyclist Makes Risky Trip Across BARELY Frozen Lake

On January 15, 2019 in Rapid City, Michigan, a cyclist on a Haibike decides to make a very risky ride along a very thin frozen lake with completely clear ice. Just walking onto a lake with clear ice is sketchy on foot, never mind a fat tire bike! If you pay close attention in the video, there is a few moments where it looks like his front wheel is about to crack through the ice and sink in!

After reaching about 15 meters out, he decided to turn around but then returned to go even further out onto the lake. In the end, it seems he did not make a single crack through the ice and it was a safe ride all in fun. This is some very cool footage due to the fact we can see right through the lake to the bottom.

That high definition GoPro comes in handy when trying to capture crisp footage like this!

Source: ViralHog