Cuba Denounces US Preparations in the Caribbean to Invade Venezuela

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According to the Cuban government, there is an escalation of pressures and actions by the US to prepare a military adventure disguised as ‘human intervention’ in Venezuelan lands.

The Cuban government today denounced an alleged escalation of pressures and actions of the United States in the Caribbean to prepare a military adventure disguised as humanitarian intervention in Venezuela .

“Between February 6 and 10, 2019, there have been flights of military transport aircraft to the Rafael Miranda Airport of Puerto Rico, the San Isidro Air Base, in the Dominican Republic and to other strategically located Caribbean islands.” indicated the government of the island in a statement.

The official portal CubaDebate said that these movements, which “surely” take place without the knowledge of the governments of those nations, originated in US military installations, from which units of Special Operations Forces and the Marine Corps operate for covert actions. .

The text added that political and press media, including those of the United States , maintain that extremist figures of the US government designed, managed the financing and organized directly and in detail the attempted coup in Venezuela .

After the resistance to the coup offered by the people and the chavismo, demonstrated in the massive demonstrations of support to President Nicolás Maduro and with the loyalty of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the government of the United States “has intensified its international political and media campaign” , He said.

Cuba Denounces US Preparations in the Caribbean to Invade Venezuela

The White House also “intensifies the unilateral coercive economic measures against Venezuela , among which can be cited the blockade in third country banks of thousands of dollars belonging to Venezuela and the theft of revenues from the oil sales of that nation”, he pointed

These actions, he added, are “causing serious humanitarian damage and harsh deprivation” to the Venezuelan people, while the United States intends to fabricate a humanitarian pretext to initiate a military aggression against Venezuela .

Consequently, “it has been proposed to introduce into the territory of that sovereign nation, through intimidation, pressure and force, a supposed humanitarian aid, which is a thousand times less than the economic damage caused by the policy of encirclement, imposed from Washington “said the Cuban government.

Likewise, Cuba decried as usurping the self – proclaimed “acting president” Juan Guaidó, who “unabashedly declared its readiness to demand military intervention by the United States ” under the pretext of receiving that “humanitarian aid”.

He recalled that senior US officials say every day, with arrogance and impudence that, in relation to Venezuela , “all options are on the table, including the military,” which is why it was “evident” that the United States paves the way to establish the force “a humanitarian corridor”.

This corridor, the Cuban government considered, would be placed under “international protection”, invoking the “obligation to protect” civilians and applying “all necessary measures”, as a pretext for a military operation.

Cuba cited previous operations the US against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya as well as “sad and painful history” of military intervention on more than one occasion in Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba , Honduras and more recently in Granada and Panama.

Havana expressed its support for the Montevideo Mechanism, an initiative of Mexico, Uruguay, the Commonwealth of the Caribbean (CARICOM) and Bolivia, in order to preserve peace in Venezuela , based on the principles of non-intervention in internal affairs, legal equality of States and peaceful settlement of disputes.


Source: Info7MX