Cruise Ship Breaks Down in the Middle of SEVERE Storm Leaving Passengers and Crew Stranded

A luxury cruise ship that had set sail with almost 1,400 passengers and crew aboard arrived at a port in Norway on Sunday after narrowly escaping disaster when its engines failed during a storm. During the severe storm, there was injuries from people being thrown around and furniture moving rapidly caused from the intensity of the waves (as seen in other video clip). It was stated that they were aware of the storm before initially leaving the port, but still left on schedule anyway.

The amount of injuries is unknown but so far everyone seemed to have made it out safely. With the aid of the helicopter crew, it made the evacuation process safe and easy for the passengers.  This is a rare occurrence that most people fear before going on a cruise or even planning one.

One of the most scary situations is to be stranded at sea. Rescue teams could take a while to reach you on boat, and helicopters cannot be flying for half a day due to fuel limitations. Therefore, the crew and captain should have waited out the storm in order to not put the passengers or even their own lives in danger.