Crocodile Seeks to Devour Baby Chickens and She Risks Her Life to Save Them [VIDEO]

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This viral video uploaded to the YouTube platform revealed the daring reaction a chicken had when seeing a fierce crocodile trying to devour its chicks. His actions changed the destiny of his offspring.

Medal of Honor. On YouTube , a video went viral after showing us the hard battle that led a chicken with a famished crocodile that tried to devour their chicks. An ‘angel’ when hearing strange sound appeared in the place and prevented the predator from swallowing the animals.

Hundreds of users on YouTube to see this viral video published by the account ‘AMAZING WILDERNESS’, were shocked by the fierce attack of a crocodile killer who discovered the hiding place of a chicken with his sevens ‘chicks’. What happened to the animal? Here everything about it.

This new YouTube viral showed us a mother hen that had settled inside a sand pit, where apparently she was safe; However, a skillful reptile discovered the nest of the birds thanks to his good nose and decided to accept his ‘nest’ to devour the small animals. A young man from Indonesia listening to the sounds of the confrontation between the animals intervened and saved the animal.

The boy saved the life of the chicken and its young that were about to be devoured by the fearsome creature , a fact that surprised thousands of Internet users on YouTube and other social networks, where the images of the viral video were shared.

It should be noted that this visual account ‘AMAZING WILDERNESS’ on YouTube , has 323 thousand views and hundreds of comments from netizens. In this note we share the video that was broadcast on the Internet and is trending for the heartbreaking battle that this bird fought to defend its young.

In this note we share our note of the catches of the confrontation of a chicken with a hungry crocodile that tried to devour its ‘chicks’. To see the photographs, all you have to do is slide the main image to the left.

If you want to see the shocking YouTube viral video, we leave you the short film in the lower part; in this film material you will be able to appreciate the value that this ‘mother hen’ showed to defend her little children. The video has already been around the world since it was shared by thousands of users.

Here is the video: