Crocodile Recorded Having a Fierce Fight With Komodo Dragon That Protected Their Eggs.

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Shocking images komodo dragon became ‘famous’ on YouTube , after it fiercely defended its eggs that were about to be eaten by a hungry crocodile .

A legendary battle. Komodo dragon left thousands of people on YouTube with its mouth open, after fiercely defending its eggs from the attack of a hungry crocodile that wanted to eat them, a fact that was recorded by a tourist, who did not hesitate to upload the videoto the networks, where it quickly went viral .

The publication that realized the account ‘AMAZING WILDERNESS’ in YouTube captured the scenes in which a crocodile entered until the sand pit where was located a Komodo dragon that had incubated dozens of eggs.

“A komodo dragon faced a crocodile that wanted to swallow its eggs”, was read in the description of the publication that made the mentioned account through YouTube , which generated hundreds of users of the platform to manifest with their comments.

“This is the main title, it is the monitor lizard that attacks the nest of a crocodile,” said one young woman, “Battles between animals willalways catch the attention of users,” another Internet user wrote on YouTube .

The hungry crocodile , which reached the komodo dragon’s nest, calculated its movements to face the female, who became frightened and left the cave leaving her ‘babies’. In this note we share the filming so you can see it.

According to comments from Internet users in the publication, this happened in the field in Indonesia. One of the residents of the area recorded this moment and shared it on YouTube so that minutes later it became viral .