Crocodile Enters Automotive Agency in Tabasco, Mexico: VIDEO VIRAL

A crocodile entered a car dealership and everything was recorded by the cell phone of one of the security guards.

Finding a crocodile can be quite a frightening experience since these animals can measure more than four meters depending on their species, besides they are very fast and wild when attacking a prey.

In the Mexican Southeast it is common for crocodiles to be present in places close to lakes or mangroves since this is their natural habitat and in spite of the presence of more and more people, sometimes crocodiles can reach urban areas causing fear among the inhabitants.

Morelet’s crocodile!
In southeastern Mexico predominates the type “Crocodile Morelet” which usually reaches 3 meters in length, live in Tabasco, Veracruz, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Chiapas, Tamaulipas, Guatemala and Belize.

One of these beautiful animals made the hair stand on end of a security guard who was guarding a car dealership at night as he suddenly realized that on the floor was a huge crocodile about two meters long.

When he saw the enormous animal he decided to warn his companions to help him so he reported it on the radio, the crocodile felt threatened so he decided to go back and return to where he arrived.

It is not known what the end of this event was but surely the crocodile was moved back to its natural habitat.

Here we leave you the video that became viral in a couple of minutes since it is impressive the size of the majestic animal, in addition that it is something completely unusual to see them in an agency of cars like the one of the recording.

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