Crime Sprees And Accidents Along The Beaches Of Puerto Rico During Holy Week

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Thefts, aggressions and rescues were reported.

The beaches of Puerto Rico were the scene of several crimes and incidents throughout this year’s Holy Week, which culminated yesterday.

As a preamble to the week, an incident of assault with a knife was reported in one of the parking lots of the Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla.

According to the complainant, José Morales Sanabria, 24, a resident of that municipality, told the police that someone, whom he can identify, inflicted a puncture wound on the left side of his back, reasons that are investigated by the authorities. .

On the other hand, the Marriott located on Ashford Avenue in Condado reported the theft of about $ 200 from a beach chair in the pool area .

The Uniformada said that the plaintiff, identified as Carlos Alberto Madrid, resident in the state of Florida, left his wallet on a chair and someone appropriated the money in cash that were inside it.

Similar to this, a man who enjoyed the Tamarindo Beach in Guayanilla was victim on Saturday of another theft, in which they took his car Mazda, 3 of the year 2005, gray, FPP-403 tablet parking .

Inside it, there were men’s and women’s clothes, 2 laptops and other properties, which were valued by the plaintiff in 7 thousand dollars.

Although it was not directly linked to the beach, during the night of yesterday, a resident of San Juan who was in Vieques was found murdered in the # 200 Bravos neighborhood of Boston in that municipality.

The man, identified as 55-year-old Saud Meléndez Castro, was discovered with several bullet wounds in different parts of the body.

Among the accidents that occurred also reported three rescues around the island, two of these due to problems with boats.

One of these was reported last Sunday, April 14, when two people did not realize that the area was not deep enough and hit a reef near the Roosevelt Roads base in Ceiba .

The authorities indicated that the boat sank and that the injured people swam to the shore. Then, personnel of the Maritime Unit of the United Rapid Action Forces (FURA) arrived at the place and rescued them.

Both people were unharmed and were taken to safe harbor in good health, according to the authorities.

On the other hand, a family that was heading to the island of Palomino in a boat that had mechanical defects ended up being rescued by the Coast Guard and the Maritime Police of Fajardo.

According to reports, agents from the Maritime Division of Fajardo in the Cobra 15 unit, were mobilized to the place in union with the Costanera Guard, rescuing five adults and two teenagers who were in the 21-foot boat “CHAKAL” .

In the same way, a couple that was practicing paddleboarding ended up being rescued after the tide, dragging them away from Cayo Icacos in Fajardo.

Crime Sprees And Accidents Along The Beaches Of Puerto Rico During Holy Week

As reported, Aramis Cuevas, 20, and Dalian Soto, 19, left on a paddleboard from the island of Icacos, being dragged by the tide, moving them away from the Island.

Agents from the Maritime Division of Fajardo in the Cobra 15 unit moved to the site in conjunction with the Costanera Guard, locating the youths five miles approximately north of Sandy Hills in Luquillo.

Both were in a state of dehydration and were treated and transported by Emergency Medical personnel to the Caribbean Medical Center hospital in Fajardo.


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