Crews of a Spanish Ship and Another Chinese Are Unharmed After Colliding in Front of Argentina

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The Spanish trawler Pesca Vaqueiro and the Chinese vessel Zhong Yuan Yu 11 collided at dawn off the coast of Argentina. After the boarding, an operative organized by several Galician boats that were in the zone caused the rescue of all the crew of the jigger (or jigger) Asian. The accident took place 208 miles east of the trans-Andean country (about 330 kilometers offshore) about two in the morning, the last week.

At the moment the causes of the incident are unknown, but it is known that the sea at that time was calm and that the area is currently overcrowded by dozens of Asian vessels seeking squid in the Argentine maritime boundary. “It was just a scare, all the crew are perfectly”, reported from Pesca Baqueiro, the ship owner of the Spanish ship.

At the time of boarding the sailors of the Spanish ship felt “a tremendous noise”. The images of instants later show the jigger with the characteristic lights used to catch squid lighted and the liferafts on one side. From the Fishing Vaqueiro a rescue boat was deployed that helped the sailors. Iván Nores, from Pesquerías Nores, did the same. Nearly thirty crew members of the Chinese ship were taken aboard the Vigo trawler, which according to the owner only suffered minor damage.

“When we arrived we deployed the boat and towed the rafts to the Fishing Vaqueiro”, explained Fuentes de Nores. Fishing vessels Marinenses (Playa Pesmar Dos) and Pescapuerta (Capricorn) also went to the area, although finally they did not need to intervene. An hour later the captain of the Galician trawler informed the rest that all the crew were rescued.

Crews of a Spanish Ship and Another Chinese Are Unharmed After Colliding in Front of Argentina

The Naval Prefecture Argentina (PNA) announced that they were looking for the Zhong Yuan Yu 11 after the shock due to causes being investigated. As explained, the radio beacon of the Chinese ship jumped and was received by the Argentine Navy. Up to the area they moved the patrol boat GC-24 Mantilla and an airplane, which flew over the area.

Out of control

The area in which the accident occurred is known as mile 201, right on the edge of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). At this time of the year hundreds of Asian vessels are concentrated to make their squid (squid or cuttlefish) campaign in parallel with the Argentine boats in their fishing grounds. The difference is that they do it in a non-regulated way, without control. “In these weeks there is little squid and there is a lot of tension in the fishing grounds,” they explained from the Galician fishing sector.


Source: MundoAcuicola