Crew of The Blue Marlin Platform Rescued After Being Kidnapped By Pirates Off African Coast

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Patrolman Serviola rescued the crew of the Blue Marlin platform, kidnapped on the African coast

The colossal dimensions of the Blue Marlin dwarfed the fortresses that flank the Ferrol estuary. The comings and goings of the heavy transport platform – now owned by the Dutch company Boskalis – happened between 2012 and 2013, when Navantia sent, on its 225 meters of length, the mega-ships manufactured for the Australian Navy in the local shipyards.Last Sunday, the crew of the Blue Marlin suffered a pirate attack when it sailed about 80 miles off the coast of Equatorial Guineain the direction of Malta.

Deployed in African waters until summer, the patrol boat Serviola, based in Ferrol, received the alert for the hijacking of the platform. His intervention with the Guinean frigate Wele Nzas managed to put an end to the attack on board, perpetrated by seven armed pirates. According to Defense, the patrol’s security team boarded and secured the vessel. Meanwhile, the 20 crew members of the Blue Marlin remained locked in the panic room of the ship, an airtight space, with enough food to guarantee the survival of the sailors while an assault was being forged.

Shooting in the compartment, The Blue Marlin went to sea last Sunday after delivering a cargo in the African country. The pirates first hijacked a tugboat, used as a mother ship, from which they launched a zodiac to approach the platform. Once on board, they demanded the crew to turn themselves in and give them all the money but, when the captain refused to leave the safe compartment, the pirates opened a small hole in it and started to open fire, but without causing any personal injury. . However, upon noticing the presence of military units in the area, the assailants fled, leaving significant damage to the ship’s bridge.

Boskalis mobilized an ocean tug to take the Blue Marlin to safety and assess the damage.”I am very grateful to the Navy of Equatorial Guinea and the Spanish Navy for its speed and decisive response. Thanks to his intervention, the kidnapping ended quickly and our colleagues were put to safety, “said shipping director Peter Berdowski.

According to a company statement, all crew members are in good condition.

Crew of The Blue Marlin Platform Rescued After Being Kidnapped By Pirates Off African Coast

Each step between castles of the gigantic structure caused great expectation on the banks of the estuary JOSÉ PARDO


Source: la voz de galicia