Crew Of Pirates Captured By Spanish Soldiers

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The crew of the frigate ‘Navarra’ has carried out the device in the framework of the Atalanta mission; the operation is still open.

Spanish soldiers of the Navarra frigate have intercepted a pirate vessel and captured the crew, which in the previous days had attacked two ships -one of them, Spanish-. The episode took place on the morning of this Tuesday in the waters of the Indian Ocean , in the framework of the Atalanta operation of the European Union to fight against piracy. The device has culminated with the release of a Yemeni fisherman who had been kidnapped for four days .

The military was handling reports of two attacks that two fishing boats had received, one Spanish and the other Korean, although a good part of their crew was also Spanish. The criminals had launched themselves against the fishing boats with grenade launchers . One of those boarding attempts had been repelled by the private security team on board, injuring some of the pirates. These protection measures are known as BMP (Best Management Practices).

The Navarra frigate, embarked in the port of Mombasa (Kenya), went out to sea in search of the pirate ship. On board was the commander of the Force, Rear Admiral Ricardo A. Hernández López . A German maritime patrol plane P3-C flew over the area to send possible position reports of where the criminals’ craft was located.

The German plane located a Jabeque-style Yemeni flag fishing boat – better known as a dhow – towing several skiffs like the ones commonly used by pirates. The Yemeni ship had been captured by the pirates four days earlier and was now used as a mother ship from which to launch their attacks .

With these data, and with the risk that hostages could be on board, the frigate Navarra set course to locate the Yemeni ship. He has reached it on the morning of this Tuesday, after 28 hours of navigation. The Spanish military found that he was heading to an area on the coast of Somalia commonly used by pirates to install their camps.

The situation, critical, has required the intervention of the Special Naval War team that was aboard the Navarre. The staff has managed to board the pirate ship where, according to sources consulted by EL ESPAÑOL, has met with some of the criminals who had been injured in the frustrated approaches of the previous days.

The Spanish military has captured the pirates and they are still collecting evidence of the events that have occurred, so the operation is still open.

The episode of Guinea

The capture of the pirates in the waters that bathe Somalia has taken place just a few days after the patrol boat Serviola released another boat taken by criminals in the Gulf of Guinea . Two episodes different and not linked to each other, but carried out by the Navy in two points of special relevance for Spanish interests.


Source: El Espanol