Creepy Finding! A Turtle With 2 Heads Was Born in Michoacán México.

Currently we see very strange cases of animals that live with some limb added to their body like the pig with two heads in Argentina ; nevertheless, now Michoacán was the place that housed the presence of a rather peculiar animal: a turtle with two heads .

According to Quadratín, last April 10, fishermen from Faro de Bucerías beach found several newborn turtles and among them there was one that stole the attention of everyone, because it was alive and boasted of this rare face.

This unusual event caused controversy among the workers of the sea, so they requested the support of the experts in the subject to obtain a more accurate explanation about the birth of this turtle .

After doing a small study with the marine animal, experts in marine biology pointed out that this type of mutations among turtles is considered very rare, because in some cases they have registered, the specimens do not survive.

According to Excelsior, each year at least ten species of turtles such as lagolfina, negra and lute arrive at the Michoacán beaches with the sole purpose of procreating and burying their eggs in the most remote areas of humans.

Imagen Noticias reported that the small black turtle with two heads is under the care of Jerónimo Bautista, a fisherman who has his house by the sea and who was the discoverer of this species.

This turtle belongs to the race of Chelonia agassizii, which boasts two independent heads but share the same shell and body with four legs.

In an interview for Excelsior, the fisherman said that from the first day he found this animal, he has tried to give all possible comforts, because he dreams that it is as big as all the others.

Experts in the field pointed out that this is not the first time they find traces of two-headed turtles (with two heads); however, they are almost always found in a state of decomposition, so this case could help to take care of this exotic species.

2 head turtle

With information from Quadratín, Excélsior and Publimetro

Photos of Quadratín and Excélsior