Crazy Group of Aussies Do The Unthinkable When They Come Across This River.

Just a casual day in Blacksmiths, New South Wales, Australia. A group of energetic Aussies decided to make the best of the river they were hanging out by. The guy in the truck started scoping out the depth of the river with his buddy to see just how shallow the water was. After figuring out it was about waste high, they decided to get in the truck and attempt to drive all the way across it. At this point, the idea seemed sketchy and slightly crazy.

This becomes even more true once he gets about half way across and the car looks like its literally about to sink. Nevertheless, he ends up barely making it back up to the bank and everyone is yelling and showing hype for this casual mid-day activity in Australia. In the video we can see the car is full of water and completely covered in seaweed which he was probably cleaning up for hours afterwards.

But hey, at least he and the car didn’t drown! What we can take away from this video is to always drive safe and do not attempt river crossings like this if you don’t want to watch your vehicle sink to the bottom of a river!

Source: ViralHog