Couple Soaking In The Ocean Are Caught Off Guard By Two Hungry Sharks Swimming Inches Away From Them [VIDEO]

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A viral Facebook video showed the terrifying moment when a fierce shark emerged from the sea to attack a couple of distracted bathers.

Deadly find. A tourist recorded in a viral Facebook video the untimely attack suffered by a couple that almost fell on the jaw of a hungry shark, while enjoying a heavenly beach. The fierce predator emerged from the deep sea and chased the bathers to devour them whole, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

At first, the viral video of Facebook focused on a couple of friends playing ‘fight’ on the beach, when their friend warned them that a giant shark stalked an unfortunate couple, who enjoyed a heavenly beach. The images showed how the animal persecuted the bathers and the unexpected happened.

Deadly encounter

After starring in a romantic scene in the Pacific Ocean, the couple realized that they were ‘face to face’ with a giant shark , left the pampering and ran for their lives. The Facebook recording recorded the brutal moment when the fierce animal swam towards the unfortunate men, but miraculously did not see them as their prey.

However, fear seized the body of the bathers, who swam tirelessly to get away from the sea ​​creature, which threatened to devour them in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, the couple came out unscathed from the deadly encounter they had with a huge white shark.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “UNILAD” page, which accumulated 738,000 views, one thousand shares and 3,000 shares. “You don’t have to be faster than the shark, you just have to be faster than your friend”, “next time they go to the beach, take a helicopter tour and see how many sharks are in the water,” you can read in social networks.

Here we leave you the original video shared on Facebook:



Source: La Republica