Couple Kept Intimate Moment in Swimming Pool and Terrifying Creature Appears to Devour Them [VIDEO]

They lived through shocking moments. On YouTube, a viral video was revealed of the moment when an unusual creature entered a pool where a couple had an intimate moment.

A night of terror turned into a moment of love and pleasure. A YouTube viral video shows the precise moment when a mysterious creature surprised a couple in love. The young people enjoyed an intimate moment in a swimming pool and were attacked by the specimen that apparently wanted to devour them.

As you can see from the images shared on YouTube, the young people were swimming in a pool and, due to the darkness of the night, did not notice the presence of this unexpected ‘visitor’ who attacked them in a violent and surprising way. The images astonished thousands of users by the outcome of this short film, which has already become viral.

Thanks to security cameras it was possible to record the exact moment when a giant crocodile entered a swimming pool and surprised a couple who were swimming peacefully. The YouTube images were shocking as the reptile’s fierce attack was shown, trying to devour both young men.

Although the woman’s boyfriend managed to escape quickly, the woman did not have the same luck and was about to die from the bite of this hungry animal; however, for good luck the animal did not hurt him since a friend of his drove him away in time and the animal could not hurt her.

The YouTube video recorded the moment of terror experienced by this couple, which shared a pleasant moment as a couple and was attacked unexpectedly by this animal, who entered their home when they least expected it.

At the top of this publication we leave you the YouTube video, which already has more than 100 thousand reproductions and all kinds of comments on that virtual platform.

As you will notice in the images captured by a security camera, the couple enjoyed a warm night in the pool until a crocodile attacked them with fury. Luckily for the young lovers, everything was a scare.

Here’s the video: