Coup Against Drug Trafficking In Cádiz: Dismantled Two Bands That Distributed Hashish And Cocaine In Southern Spain (VIDEO)

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In Total, More Than 810 Kilos Of Hashish, 20 Kilos Of Cocaine, Several Vehicles And More Than 110,000 Euros Have Been Confiscated

The Civil Guard has seized 810 kilos of hashish and has arrested six people in the Bay of Cádiz who used sports boats to introduce this drug, while the National Police has arrested three others for hiding 20 kilos of cocaine in two houses of the gaditana locality of Los Barrios.

The Civil Guard and the National Police have dismantled two different groups that were dedicated to introducing and distributing hashish and cocaine in the province of Cádiz. The body of the Benemérita, within the framework of the “ZETA” operation, 810 kilos of hashish have been seized and six people arrested , thus contributing to the total dismantling of a criminal organization based in Cádiz. This band introduced this type of drug from North Africa through the Bay of Cádiz.

It was in the past month of July when it was learned that a network of drug traffickers operated in the Bay of Cádiz using recreational boats to introduce hashish in the province . The researchers found out that the organization was going to carry out the landing of a stash in the Bay, so a device was organized in which the Maritime Service, the Comandancia de Cádiz and OCON-SUR participated.

During the device, several troops detected a suspicious vessel, five miles from the beach of La Caleta de Cádiz. The Maritime Service moved to the site and watched as the suspicious ship was sinking and its crew shrinking water. Faced with this situation, several agents threw themselves into the water to rescue the two crew members who were on the boat. Once the shipwrecked insured, the agents recovered the bundles of hashish that floated in the water, while the barge was towed by Maritime Service.

Once in the port the detainees and the 25 recovered bales that floated and 2 more found inside the boat were landed. In total 27 that reach a weight of 810 kilos. In line with the operation, the investigators request from the judicial authority four domiciliary records in the city of Cádiz. After that, the device was prepared and the four homes were entered simultaneously, being in one of them half a kilo of cocaine and 6,000 euros in cash.

The conclusion of the operation has been with the dismantling of this organization that was dedicated to introducing hashish in the Peninsula, about 2,000 kilograms of this drug, arresting its six members and seizing 800 kilograms, 500 grams of cocaine and three vehicles and two intervening boats

Cocaine in Los Barrios

The National Police also intervened during Monday. In his operation, he arrested three people as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health and belonging to an organized group. These alleged criminals were hiding in two houses 20 kilos of cocaine and a large amount of money.

As explained by the Police, the investigation was initiated thanks to citizen collaboration that provided information on an address of the Los Cortijillos neighborhood , in the Los Barrios municipality, where it was apparently used to store drugs.

After receiving the information, the Police established the pertinent discrete surveillance devices on the dwelling, which allowed identifying the person who was guarding it , as well as one of the main suppliers of the drug.

In one of these devices, the agents observed how a resident was leaving the house, with a plastic bag in his hands and adopting important security measures, so, on suspicion that he could be taking the drug outside, He proceeded to identify him, finding him inside a bag a total of three packages of cocaine of one kilo each of them , so he was arrested at that moment.

After detaining this individual, the agents requested an order of entry and registration, both of the house where the substance was stored and that of the main distributor of the same. In the registry carried out the agents intervened, in addition to the three kilos seized, a total of 17 kilos more of cocaine, 107,000 euros in cash, two vehicles, several mobile phones and various documentation.


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